I graduated from York University with a Bachelors in Health and Science. I continued my studies through the Kresser Institute of Functional Medicine and Precision Nutrition, soaking up as many modern day approaches on health and performance as I could find.  When I understood the importance of selecting the right foods for what my health particularly needed, I felt like I started to crack the puzzle that I had struggled with for years. 

Today I work with professional athletes looking to reach elite level performance in their respective sports including weight lifting, hockey, football, soccer, baseball and track. I create sustainable solutions for weight loss, muscle growth and cognitive performance. I offer carefully selected animal based ancestral nutrition that utilizes all parts of the animal as nature intended for best flavour and optimal physical and mental performance.  We are Nose to Tail Nutrition.  

Whether it's in professional sports or whether you are looking to improve your physical health and stamina our meal plans are geared towards facilitating those changes. 

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Sebastian Zarka,

Founder, Nose To Tail Meals