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Costway 13lbs Portable Semi-Automatic Twin Tub Wash Machine W/ Built-In Drain Pump Black

Costway 13lbs Portable Semi-Automatic Twin Tub Wash Machine W/ Built-In Drain Pump Black

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Is your laundry room lack of a compact but powerful twin tub washing machine?
With a clear control panel . you can easily choose laundry modes (soft . standard and drain) and set time (0-15 minutes for washing and 0-5 minutes for spinning). Coming with dual motors . our semi-automatic washer provides you with separate washing tub (8lbs) and spin dryer (5lbs). The washing power is up to 240W and the spinning power reaches 140W. Besides . the machine also has a 79” drainage hose and a built-in pump with which the overall pumping height reaches 59'' and you can connect the machine with a 39.5'' high washing sink.
Please note : the clothes are only 90% dry through the spin dryer .still need sunshine for 100% dry

Dual motors with 240W washing power and 120W spinning power for quick laundry
Built-in pump with a 79” drainage hose can pump up to 59''
Separate washing timer and spin timer for convenient time control
Adjustment ring on the inlet pipe for close connection with water faucet
Bottom space for drain hose realizes two-way drainage
Spin tub made of stainless steel with excellent durability
Power cord rack for neat wire arrangement
Energy-efficient operation and lower utility bills
Compact dimension ideal for homes . apartments . dorms and RVs

Color: Black
Material: ABS . PP
Rated Voltage: 110V
Rated Frequency: 60Hz
Rated Input Power for Washing: 240W
Rated Input Power for Spin: 120W
Overall Dimension (Lid Closed): 23'' x 14.5'' x 26'' (L x W x H)
Overall Dimension (Lid Opened): 23'' x 14.5'' x 33'' L x W x H)
Diameter of Washing Tub: 10''
Diameter of Spin Tub: 7.5''
Faucet Connection Diameter: 1''
Length Of Drainage Pipe: 79''
Length Of Inlet Pipe: 52.5''
Capacity for Washing: 8lbs
Capacity for Spin: 5lbs
Net Weight: 24.5lbs

Package Includes:
1 x Twin Tub Washing Machine
1 x Water Drainage Hose
1 x Water Inlet Hose
1 x User Guide
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